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My Response to Zealotry:  A Rebuff of Narrow Interpretations of Christianity

Recently, for perhaps the ten-thousandth time, I've had to hear about how someone was being persecuted for their sexual orientation, how a male figure was taking the usual stance of believing themselves set above Womankind by God, that after a history of this behavior they, still not understanding why this person close to me does not accept their viewpoint, unapologetically complained that this person didn't let them encroach upon their daily life.  This person claims to be a Pentecostal Christian, but they seem to interpret the Bible "literally" (probably overlooking the dietary and dress restrictions like all other Christians who claim a literalist stance, and more importantly the compassion of Christ's message particularly where it reconciles the Old Testament with the New in a way that should abrograte such Pharisaeic interpretations of law and code).  My stance on the extremely narrow, self- and other-denying, shadow-cast interpretations of zealotous Christianity can be clearly summarized by the following statement:

In an era where overpopulation leads to resource scarcity, warfare, environmental destruction, famine, and poverty, a doctrine like the one he champions which emphasizes reproduction above almost everything else, that espouses ethnocentrism, and depicts people who hold different pieces of the understanding it takes to fully comprehend the creator as demons is, in fact, an evil doctrine.

He who voices derision upon others, against the strictures of compassion, breathes the fires of hell.

With every word he uses to condemn others, he turns darker, locusts swarm around his figure.

With every judging glance, he himself becomes blinder, and his eyes to others appear as red slits

With every finger that points, that finger gnarls as though it were a dessicated bone, long left in the sun to bleach and crack between the jackal's teeth.

With every secret sin committed that he denies others, his form becomes more churlish, goatlike, while the the souls of the men and women who date those of their own sex glow with a wholesome radiance.

He may decry others, like those women who date only women and seek equality with men, as witches, demon summoners, demon possessed, and the very antichrist, but through his stone-casting and discompassionate demeanor he runs a dark chain, clearly visible on the spiritual plain, straight from his ka to the very lord of demons, to the core of Shaitan.

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