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The heart of the commercial, spiritual, and all-around restoration of harmony in this world of wise folly.


11/19/14- I am hoping to meet others who are interested in having tarot card readings or other services performed.  See the Blessings section for more information. 

10/2/14- Many additions have been made to the Proverbs page.

9/15/14- I am now rating churches.  The first church rating is for Abundant Life Pentecostal Church, and that is here.

9/7/14- Ever stay up late and find the line between sleep and waking start to blur?  If so, you should read the poem Halcyon Days



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Prophecies Various thoughts and writings, from poetry to stories, rants to observations.  

About The Founder Who am I?  Why did I start this site?  What are my goals in life?   

Blessings Services provided by The Clown Prophet.       

Honorable Mentions:  Links (with abstracts) to various interest-related sites. 

Archive Just an archive of the various things that have occasionally existed within this small space on the web.



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