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Who is the Clown Prophet?

The journey through the years has been long, much has happened, but the truth is that along the way Eli met many people and experienced and learned many things.

The result of that spiritual evolution has helped Eli realize a very interfaith approach to understanding and doing things.  Above all, he tries to be a friend to all, to help all those willing

to admit their limitations and willing to seek redemption for past transgressions against others.  Compassion is a watchword.  Eli's goal is for everyone to coexist peacefully and enjoy life to the

fullest extent of their dreams, though again without harming others in the process.  The Clown Prophet Eli hopes to be a bridge builder, a peacemaker, an intermediary for all those who

seek their greater potential and, maybe one day, their own individual heaven and bliss (but while still interacting with and supporting and respecting the bliss of others).


Eli has some experience with doing readings of different types.  The most common type of reading done involves Tarot cards.  There also exists some experience with doing home cleansings.

Spiritual cleansings often involve the use of sage or other positive incense being burned, uplifting music (though of various genres), and prayers in the place needing the work done. 

Eli also looks forward to spiritual discussions, at least those that are conducted in a manner where the parties having the talk show each other mutual respect.  Also it is important to note that

Eli does not at this time charge for these services, though will not say "no" to a donation.  If you are interested in any of these things you can e-mail him at theclownprophet@yahoo.com

You can also find him on Facebook:  facebook.com/phoenixegg