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Receiving Clearer Messages from The Beyond:  A Proposal for Intermediums

The idea of communicating with those departed from the material world is not a new one.  In the past, people have resorted to all sorts of methods of divination, from ouija boards to dream interpretation, to try to access word from deceased loved ones.  More recently people have turned to modern psychic practitioners and paranormal investigative teams to try to make that connection.  But do other methods exist for doing this?  Here I will outline some other ideas, some more technological, for setting up environments for receiving communications from the other side.  I call these environments intermediums. 

 To set up an intermedium, it is important that one have a space set aside specifically for attempting to communicate with the nonphysical.  A more classic approach would involve using a room or other space that used to belong to someone who has passed and ensuring that this space contains objects that used to belong to the person.  Just this alone should ensure that if the deceased hasn't moved on yet they will more often than not find the area easier to be in and will increase the chances that, if they feel the need to communicate something, they will try to reach out to people who visit this space.  When going into this space, anyone looking for communication should pay close attention to the emotional and mental impressions they get while being in there.  Attempting to medidate in this area, to put oneself into more of a state of mental calm and peace before or even during one's time in that area might make it easier to detect impressions that are being projected into one's mind from the outside.  However, if one wants to depart from this purely classic approach of having a memorial space, they can go a step further to make it easier for someone to reach out to them by putting things in the room that a less physical being can more easily interact with to deliver a message.  Some examples of this might be lightweight word or letter tiles that can be left on surfaces of the space in certain areas and other things that could be manipulated by a presence to deliver a message.  Physical communications from the other side are usually difficult as it takes a lot of energy to manifest oneself in this way, but if there is a strong want or need to do it a presence may find a way to manipulate some of the items in the room.  To help with detecting a possible communication, a person could take photographs of the room each time they leave, and when returning compare what they find to the photos.  Of course, care should be taken to limit access to the space so that you can be sure that anything moved in the room was moved by a presence, and one should also rule out other natural phenomenon when deciding why something in the room changed.

 The options available for someone wanting to establish an intermedium have expanded along with the technological advances that have been made in recent years.  If one wants to depart from the more old fashioned methods of leaving objects and word tiles somewhere for a presence, they can use something that is more geared for communications in spectrums that are easier for a presence to control.  I'm sure some of you have heard about spirit boxes and other related inventions...these may work in some cases.  However, a newer idea (or at least one that I haven't seen someone use yet myself) would be to include in a dedicated space something like a touch sensitive keyboard that can be interacted with on the electromagnetic spectrum (as it is believed that spirits naturally generate an aura that crosses over into the electromagnetic).  Something like this would require much less energy to be used so should be easier for a departed one to leave a message with.  Just hook the keyboard up to a terminal with a word processor on and active, and leave it running...check back now and then to see if a message has been left.  If one has the resources for it, one could also have the dedicated space monitored around the clock for audio, and if anything resembling speech from the other side is detected it could be recorded, tagged, and an alert message sent by a computer program designed to monitor the audio and do speech recognition.  Video of the space is also an idea in case a presence should manifest themselves on the visual spectrum, though like audio or anything else physical impressions of this type are very rare due to the energy required to generate it.

 I believe ideas for intermediums will grow over time.  If eventually there are spaces dedicated towards communication from passing spirits, even ones not tied to the location, the longer that space is established and known for being a communication portal, the greater the likelihood and incidence of communications from the other side.  Also, I believe the technological means for communication will continue to improve, and eventually it may even be possible for more graphical simulated environments (computer generated) to be created that allow inputs from nonphysical beings, who even may be able to create and manipulate a graphical representation of themselves in this alternate landscape to better communicate.  After that is achieved, who knows...maybe it will even be possible to design new bodies for those who have passed and restore them to some measure of life...much more will be possible when we better understand on what spectrum a spiritual being is able to interact with the physical world.  When such simulations are common place on our planet then will the era of true intermediums have begun.

By Eli, The Clown Prophet, 12/8/19