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Blessings of a Clown Prophet

Prophet Talking

Above:  The Clown Prophet has a spiritual discussion with a street preacher while emphasizing the importance of the two biblical commandments regarding love.

The Clown Prophet is capable of performing a number of services for people, whether it be someone in his home community or on the other side of the world.  Below is just a short list of some of the things that Eli does.

Tarot Readings

Eli is a practiced reader of Tarot cards and has his own Rider-Waite deck, all ready for on-the-road readings.  Readings when given are only intended to help take a snapshot of events as they are and are not intended to be filled with any kind of foreboding.  A reading is given as advice and help, not as a proclamation.  Additionally, confidentiality is maintained. 

Home and Other Blessings

Sometimes a place has a particularly negative vibe, and inorganic entities may linger about there causing mischief.  Or maybe something else that you have just needs a little bit of a spiritual tuning.  Regardless, Eli can help you bring some cosmic order to your home, business, or even something else like your car.  For more information about cleansings, just ask. 

Spiritual Discussion

Maybe there's someone or an organization in your community that is very outspoken in a way you feel is a little extreme.  Maybe they like to take up a position somewhere on your town or campus and speak of fire and brimstone in a way particularly lacking in compassion.  In a case like this, The Clown Prophet is willing to go there and speak to those gathered about compassion and understanding.

Spiritual Defense

Eli recognizes that some spiritual disturbances can affect people on an order larger than a single home or a small collection of entities.  Some disturbances may affect an entire city or country.  While difficult, it is possible for The Clown Prophet to travel there and offer spiritual protection through prayer and peaceful demonstrations in the area. 

Weddings and Other Ceremonies

Officiating marriages is within the bounds of what Eli offers.  He can conduct baptisms, too.

What of the cost...how much does The Clown Prophet charge?

Eli does everything on a donation basis.  So, technically this could mean everything is done for free, but an occasional donation can help the prophet travel and eat, too.

To contact The Clown Prophet to request a service just e-mail him at theclownprophet@yahoo.com.

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