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About the Founder


As a child, Eli (as he was nicknamed) came to appreciate things that would later be considered virtues...the good, creativity, humor, mental fortitude, and a drive to make these things more present in today's world. Eli was raised in an environment that stressed understanding and valuing reality for what it is, and using creativity, humor, and intelligence to bring out the best in it.  The beginnings of philosophical debate (one of Eli's favorite things...since it is this that reveals the truth and sometimes proves it) were nurtured when Eli found himself at the crossroads of many religions.  At 4, he was being claimed like so much property by his imprisoned grandfather, who was a converted Muslim and who schemed unsuccessfully to have Eli and his mother whisked away to a yacht where they would be instructed in the ways of the Koran.  One of his mother's sisters, a Jehovah's witness, would bring her daughter over to frolic with the young Eli, and inevitably some small debate and controversy related to differing views would erupt.  Between 5 and 9, Eli found himself at the center of his father's sister's focus...an Assembly of God member and a good-natured woman,she sought to impress all her values upon Eli and to spread the word amongst his family.  Again, debate ensued...Eli's father had already raised his children to believe in reading between the lines and interpreting things from a clear standpoint (and he did speak highly of Jesus and his relationship to The Creator), and while Eli had no quarrel with the clear interpretations of Jesus' word, debate inevitably ensued.  When Eli's grandmother on his mother's side divorced her Muslim husband, she then began a long courtship with a Native American of good reputation, and indirectly something was learned of his philosophy as well.  Between 9 and now, Eli encountered countless other people as friends and as debaters...from atheists to agnostics, hesitant believers to the blind followers.  In all, practically every angle of belief has been gone over thoroughly, and still Eli finds the need to learn more...and teach it to people of all types.  Believing in The Creator really isn't enough anymore, claims Eli...one must be willing to understand The Creator and its component parts.  The yearning for this understanding continues...and now finds its way even to the Net.

In his adulthood, Eli studied business.  Many a time, Eli has questioned this choice, but believes that ultimately the most direct way for changing things in a society that values material wealth begins by acquiring similar wealth though setting a different example with how it is used.  As long as one knows that money is secondary to greater callings, good can be accomplished  by possessing it. 

Regarding the site, Clownprophet.com was started as a forum for recording the things that Eli values, and for making helpful spiritual resources available to people in general.  It has been an ongoing project, with the site undergoing several incarnations before arriving at its present state.  It likely will undergo further revisions, as inspiration strikes.

Eli's philosophy can be said to be a syncretic mix of common truths...he believes that if enough arrows point to the light, then the light is real.  Furthermore, he believes that the light can be understood.  For philosophical insights and materials, see other areas of this site, especially the Prophecies.


Contact Info:

For security reasons, the scholar does not give out specific location information, though he is happy to report that he can be reached by e-mail at theclownprophet@yahoo.com.

Interests:  Outside of the arena of monumental goals and things of greater importance, Eli has other activities that sustain him and give him positive release.  Eli believes, by the way, that positive release is an important part of life...all things that lead to renewed outlooks, a fresh perspective, and true happiness are praised as good and are ultimately what keep the world turning round in a good way.  Humor is highly valued.

In general, Eli can be read as both a cautious-though-outgoing sort who enjoys meeting new people and considers himself a friend to all.  However, negative people are a pet-peeve...Eli tries to be fair when dealing with them though. Eli does not consider himself to be judgemental...Eli only believes that those things that cause one person to harm another are wrong...other than that, Eli believes everything else exists to enhance the diversity of the universe.

More details about the somewhat-elusive Clown Prophet will be released with time...

~Stay Tuned~