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Proverbs of the Clown Prophet


Consolation of Souls

"Were I to stand at the edge of the universe and be forced to choose the last line in the script, it would be one of those profound things that lifts the spirits of a dear comrade or lover.  After all, when all else evaporates in the twilight before that great sleep we all share, the only things that we can truly count on are the kind regards of the kindred souls that share our dreams after." 

Heeding the Call

"They are my reason. Even had I reasons of my own, theirs would always be the greater."

Dream Screening

"It's a shame you can't virus check what people say to find untruths. Instead, one just has to go by instinct."

Postmodern Prophets

"A postmodern prophet has to work harder than those in past eras, for the competition in the current marketplace of ideas is fierce."

Anger and Fear

"Ultimately, our dislikes drive our fears, and fear spawns anger."

Victory Through Boredom

"There are many tactics available for mastering fear. One final firewall available to us is boredom...become bored with the causes of our fears and we defeat them; they can no longer capture our attention and torment us."

Nation of Courage

"We need to be a nation strong with courage, not brittle with fear."


"Just remember:  everyone's mouth has its own individual taste."

Regarding Accomplishment

"Sometimes great people wear disguises."

On Approaches

"I turtle."

On Baptism

"I self-baptised."

Web Domains

"I should own clownprophet.gov."

Regarding Reality

"Reality is the preferred dream of the collective consciousness."


"I am the best diplomat."

Soul Logic

"What if souls can implode?"

Facing Fear Down

"Don't let fear collapse you.  Stare it in the eye and force it to blink away."

Unity of Souls

"Spirit unites us.  And unmet potential divides."

Going Out

"A fistful of Jeffersons in my pocket and dinner on my mind."

Soul Geometry

"My soul is diamond shaped."

Thoughts on Planetary Colonization

"If we would want to colonize another world, we would have to first petition the galactic government so they could district off a suitable planet for us."

What If #1

"What if there was a civilization of philanthropists?"

What If #2

"What if the average lifespan was 1,000-to-3,000 years?"

DNA Wondering

"I wonder if DNA sequencing is the same between world systems..."

On Planetary Survival

"We need to settle at least one other planet for our survival to be assured."

The Unanswered Call

"Exodiplomacy is one area where our civilization lags."

Regarding Fears of Interstellar Carnivores

"Any interstellar travelers that still eat meat wouldn't be a threat to us. By the time a civilization develops their technology to that level, stem cells have been discovered and the means to factory grow meat with stem cells, so they would have that alternative available to them."

Questioning Travelers

"Two good questions to ask a person from a distant star would be 'What are the seasons like where you're from?' and also 'What are the drugs like on your world?'"

Understanding The Collective

"To understand the collective, one must be an open channel."

Interplanetary Tobacco

"Somewhere there's a planet where the people smoke aromatic flowers."

On Fame

"In a more psychic society, I would be famous."

Gamers Psychology

"Is there a difference between the psychology of the average first person shooter player and the average strategy game player?"

On Heresy

"I am not a heretic, for I am The Clown Prophet."

On Hitler

"Hitler was a fire, and The Allies and the resistance were like wet wood and rain."

Core Sight

"A good question to ask oneself is 'What is integral to my core?'"

Core Otherness

"What is integral to your core?"

Wall Building

"I have invented wall building. Wall building is when a person writes out a sentence word by word, comment by comment, post by post on social media. It is poetry if it is done with five words or less."

Universal Pleasure

"One of my goals is to titillate the universe."

On Taking Things to the Extreme

"People are becoming electronic beings that wear wax masks."

The Wonders of Technology

"We use magic every day, our arcane talents allow us to reach people at great distances and with the push of a button we can share our thoughts in another dimension."

On Cooperative Play

"Cooperative play is best."

Democracy as a Paradigm

"Democracy is the ultimate form of cooperative play."

State of Grace

"There is democracy in heaven."

State of Despair

"There is tyranny in hell."

A Question of Importance

"Does being a clown prophet make me more, or less, important?"

Information Stewardship

"I think it's important for people to be informed and to inform others about world issues. The more people are a part of the conversation the better our society's decision making capabilities will be."

The Unity Proof

"If Cube Y floats in space, how many dimensions is it touching? Answer = all."

Soul Expansion

"Perhaps an individual soul can be subsumed by the collective, but it must be a conscious choice."

On Nature Versus Nurture

"I refute the notion that we are shackled to our genes."

Concerning A Greater Sense of Community

"Our sense of clan should be extended to those outside our families and friends. If we applied it to all of our neighbors and even to people on an international level, world peace would be assured."

Individuality #2

"Every individual is a microcosm."

Deep Forces

"Gravity is a miracle."

Looking Beyond Dust

"Remember that we are not our bodies."

Implications Of A Global Sense Of Home

"The world is my living room."