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Static and Then The Voice

"Gracious Billy, put me on a swift horse,
to ride "Ho!" into the wind,
Beneath me the ground soars away to my behind,
I hear a jangle, the bells in my hair,
Where am I going? 
Bill knows...he told me,
But after I fell onto my saddle I forgot,
Bruised is my ego,
Tender parts of a mind hindered by wonder,
Swollen is my pride,
Chafed to-and-fro by the vigorous motion of things previously imagined,
I ride far towards the goals which I have not yet fully set,
I hear a clomp-clomping...my posse flocks to join,
my ego recedes,
we are so few,
My pride shrivels,
we are so drunk,
But they surround me and guide my way,
it is a motley crew we are,
but no better a company for the task."

~Eli, The Clown Prophet

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