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12/8/19- I have just written a new article regarding some new (or remixed) ideas for communicating with the departed.  Please read Receiving Clearer Messages from the Beyond:  A Proposal for Intermediums.

12/8/19- I will now feature a song of the moment on the Links page.  The current song is Rockefeller Street.

12/6/19- I've posted a new article regarding cultured meat...see The Glowing Future of Alternative Food Production.

12/1/19- Updates to the site are being made, with a mixture of reformed old content and brand new content in mind.  This will likely take some time, so please be patient.

1/19/14- I am hoping to meet others who are interested in having tarot card readings or other services performed.  See the Blessings section for more information.  

10/2/14- Many additions have been made to the Proverbs page.

9/15/14- I am now rating churches.  The first church rating is for Abundant Life Pentecostal Church, and that is here.  

9/7/14- Ever stay up late and find the line between sleep and waking start to blur?  If so, you should read the poem Halcyon Days.  

9/4/14- I just did a little write up on the current tension with China, and potential solutions.  Read it if you like, it's China Rising:  Avoiding A Clash of Civilizations.  

8/30/14- A new poem is here, The Compassionate Sun.  I hope you enjoy it.

8/28/14- Lots of things have been added to the Prophecies section...have a look.  

8/23/14- Revisions to the site are being made...some significant changes could result within the next few days, but existing content will likely remain in some form.  

8/22/14- The Clown Prophet is back online after a few years hiatus from the web.  What new insights do I have to offer the world?  Watch and find out.